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Thousands of years ago, a meteor landed on a strange land called MagicLand. MagicLand was constantly disturbed by amazing unnatural phenomena.  Cotton candy blizzard filled the sky.  With the popcorn tsunami came a buttery mess.  The chocolate flood often covered the land.  


When the meteor hit the ground, it cracked open and four little purple eggs rolled out from the center of the meteor.  Soon after, four little dragons hatched from the eggs.  Argon, the green dragon, was the friendliest.  Selenia,the pink dragon, was the prettiest.  Xenon, the blue dragon, wore half of his eggshell like a diaper.  Radon, the teal dragon, had two heads.  


As the baby dragons got bigger, they realized their destiny was to clean and protect MagicLand from the unnatural disasters.  They carried their giant toothbrushes to clean their way through different adventures.  But they weren’t always working.  Sometimes they would have a little fun camping under the evening sky, riding their carrot canoe through the chocolate river or enjoying a fun day at the woodland  amusement park.


After thousands of years of taking care of this amazing land, the four dragons decided to recruit help to clean the giant mess.  If you are interested in joining the dragons to help maintain MagicLand, please let our friendly front desk coordinator know so that you can begin your magical journey.

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